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STFC: Central Laser Facility (CLF)

The CLF carries out research using lasers to investigate a broad range of science areas, spanning physics, chemistry and biology.

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Credit: STFC

What is the CLF?

The CLF is one of the world’s leading laser facilities, providing scientists from the UK and Europe with an unparalleled range of state-of-the-art laser technology/

The Central Laser Facility provides a broad spectrum of laser facilities, from high intensity laser systems to ultra-fast sources and laser microscopy techniques. Enabling capabilities underpin the laser facilities are enabling capabilities, from computational plasma physics to target micro-fabrication and laser tweezers.

How can the CLF be used?

The CLF’s wide ranging applications include experiments in:

  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • biology;
  • accelerating subatomic particles to high energies;
  • probing chemical reactions on the shortest timescales; and
  • studying biochemical and biophysical process critical to life itself.

From advanced, compact, tuneable lasers which can pinpoint individual particles, to high-power laser installations that recreate the conditions inside stars; a vigorous development programme ensures that our facilities maintain their international competitiveness.

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STFC: Central Laser Facility (CLF)
Tel.: +44(0)1235 445603
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