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STFC: ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source

ISIS is strongly placed to help provide solutions to major sociological and technological problems of the 21st Century.

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Credit: STFC

What is ISIS?

ISIS pulsed neutron and muon source is a world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences, owned and operated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

ISIS produces beams of neutrons and muons that allow scientists to study materials at the atomic level, using a suite of instruments often described as ‘super-microscopes’.

What does ISIS do?

ISIS plays a vital role in the portfolio of analysis techniques used by researchers for areas as varied as:

  • energy;
  • nanotechnology;
  • materials processing;
  • drug design and pharmaceuticals;
  • bio-technology; and
  • green technology for a clean environment.

Examples include studies of:

  • hydrogen absorption in new materials designed for hydrogen storage and clean energy
  • the structure of chemical polymorphs in pharmaceutical compounds
  • the breakdown of environmental contamination by natural enzymes
  • disordered materials, glasses and liquids - central to optical communication
  • bio-compatible materials for healthcare
  • waste storage and management.

ISIS supports a national and international community of more than 2000 scientists who use neutrons and muons for research in physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, engineering and biology. It is the most productive research centre of its type in the world.

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STFC: ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source
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